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Altering Time

Every day since the warehouse I have found myself in a different world. There is a pace to life that differs when unencumbered by the hours and whims of others. It is neither good nor bad. Simply, it is different. Time feels different and takes on dimensions which in the course of time alter the… Continue reading Altering Time

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Life Beyond the Warehouse

In May I posted "A Life Behind the Warehouse" and I wanted to expand on that post. For a time there was something spiritual about the place for me. A big parking lot with two huge buildings housing enormous stores. I felt small in their shadows and I liked mine the best because it was… Continue reading Life Beyond the Warehouse

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Entangling Memory and Place

Places become the canvas for memory. Of course art describes this. Labors to reveal to all that places and memories are not simply ephemeral things which can be treated as fantasy and fancy. Art is that blessed purgatory wherein all that has not or perhaps cannot be weighed and proved in one lifetime still becomes… Continue reading Entangling Memory and Place