About Me

It didn’t start with Lord of the Rings. It started with a series of children’s books by Jill Barklem called Brambly Hedge. It may have even started earlier when my mother invented bedtime stories for me. My first memories were dreams or dreamlike and ever since the age of three there has been nothing so soothing as immersing myself in other worlds. I’ve been storytelling or writing for well over two decades taking many back alleys and meandering paths to return to my true passion which is creating immersive worlds and characters.

Once upon a time I ran a website which I loved because I was telling the stories of musicians I loved to fans who wanted to know more about them. At the time music was a door to a magical place and I intended to become a music journalist. But a trio of deaths shifted my focus away from that path and I delved into Anthropology. First cultural. Then physical. In the middle I rediscovered gaming through World of Warcraft and the Sims. There were many odd jobs between that had little to do with writing and a few that did but left me cold.

So, now I’m back to the beginning. Not presently a published writer but every day I work. I put in time writing, researching and polishing. So, I am a writer and we’ll see what happens next.


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