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I’m Not a Brand

This month I have felt conflicted creatively. More and more when I write, take pictures or create art I am pushing myself to share it online. Do I want to make money off of it? The short answer is: of course. But there's a more nuanced answer that is also true. I want what every… Continue reading I’m Not a Brand


Just Write…Just Live

This is always the easy answer or quote used to goad the audience of said quote into following their dreams and making something of their life. The variations on it exist for everything from weight loss to relationships. It's the happy headline that's meant to direct you to the successful completion of it in the… Continue reading Just Write…Just Live


New Year, New Design and some Reznor rebuttal

With a new year, already into the third month, I want to refresh my methodologies for this site. As before it remains a bit of an experiment. Recently I read a blurb on Riotfest about how "Trent Rezenor Doesn't Give a Fuck About Your Facebook Account". The link to the full interview doesn't work but… Continue reading New Year, New Design and some Reznor rebuttal