musings, time lost and found

Altering Time

Every day since the warehouse I have found myself in a different world. There is a pace to life that differs when unencumbered by the hours and whims of others. It is neither good nor bad. Simply, it is different. Time feels different and takes on dimensions which in the course of time alter the mind’s workings.

Every day I still work. There is still a rhythm and a hustle to the day. There’s the household aspect which hasn’t changed in regards to the types and amounts of work that must be done. But more time can be devoted to writing, drawing, reading, walking, stretching and losing myself into the world.

At the warehouse I busied myself. I greeted customers. Aided them in their queries. People watched. Filled myself to the brim with hours upon hours of observation but no stillness. Now there is the stillness.

At the warehouse I would sit outside in the car sauna to write or read. Working until work began for the day. Now there are breaths between. Now I do not have to miss the flow of the days. Everything is fuller although I didn’t feel entirely deprived before.

It is the urgency which has changed.

The moments stretch out and the world opens gradually allowing breaths to fill the space between.


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