Florida, musings

A Life Behind the Warehouse

I have always been more of a dreamer than a worker in the sense that I am never bored if there is nothing actively happening. This is where my mind becomes excited and I can open my eyes to the world around me. I do work hard and when I am at work if there is work to be done I am eager to do it. But if there are moments of stillness where nothing is happening I find myself just as eager to really look at what surrounds me, to take it in and to find within it the light which is the essence of everything.

Every day when I arrive hours before my shift I found such joy at the sight of this tree and the birds nearby.

Train tracks and the way they slice through the scenery becoming part of it fascinates me.


Although it sits right beside a parking lot and the urban waste beyond, this pallet reminds me of the woods and the pastoral places of my childhood.


Such a strange, bittersweet happiness arises at this sight. The sense that things have a life beyond their use. Out of context they become something decayed and different. Not merely a cart left carelessly, now a whole graveyard of unloved practicality.


I couldn’t capture precisely what I wanted to capture that night which was as much my lack of faith, fear of the unknown and pain at the daily struggle of trying to build a life. The lights reflecting in the rain filled me with such a sense of feeling beyond myself that I could not capture it at all.


Fenced Sunset


Fence Birds

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