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I have always enjoyed water and beaches. It may be that my parents started me early.

An early fascination with city simulations.

But I never really loved the feel of sand between my toes until I arrived in Florida. There is a softness to the sand that easily explains why people would be obsessed with life on the beach. The primary beaches I’ve known are exclusive to the Santa Barbara area of California. Cold, hard sand that often leaves your feet with splotches of tar. There was a cold, stark and lonely beauty to the beaches in Santa Barbara.

Descending down from the hills above, nervous about the return climb.

The first time I dipped my toes into the Atlantic I was surprised at how warm it was. In February the water was warmer than my familiar summer Pacific water.

At Jax Beach it feels like the water stretches out into forever


I always knew that I was in the Santa Barbara area when I could see those familiar oil rigs at the edge of the horizon


When Hurricane Matthew struck it was easy to see how the ocean could spill over onto the streets. Still, I can see the appeal of building so close to the beach and water.


Near Santa Barbara City College



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